Linksys Business AC1750 Wifi Cloud Managed Access Point, Remote Centralized Management,Real-time Insights, PoE (LAPAC1750C,745883758111)

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Product Overview

Linksys Business AC1750 Wifi Cloud Managed Access Point with Remote Centralized Management & Real-time Insights on Network Activity, 802.11ac, PoE (LAPAC1750C),White

The Linksys Business LAPAC1750C Cloud Wireless Access Point delivers wireless data transfer rates of up to 1.17 Gbps and includes* Linksys Cloud Manager, our web-based Wi-Fi Network Management solution. Cloud Manager lets you remotely manage multiple networks, access points and clients from one centralized and easy-to-use dashboard that’s accessible anytime, from any device. Cloud Manager will alert you to any network problems. You can access it from any computer, tablet or mobile phone and easily get real time statistics on the health of your network. The Linksys LAPAC1750C can be set to adopt the configuration of other access points and can be pre-configured before it is turned on for rapid deployment. * A 5-year Linksys Cloud Manager license is included at no additional cost. When it expires, you can choose to purchase the license for an additional five years.

Linksys Business AC1750 Dual-Band Cloud Wireless Access Point
Upgrade the WiFi connectivity in your place of business with the Linksys Business AC1750 Dual-Band Cloud Wireless Access Point (LAPAC1750C). Well-suited for high-density wireless environments, the LAPAC1750C delivers combined speeds of up to 1.75 Gbps* for high-bandwidth activities such as video conferencing and cloud storage. It also features Cloud Manager, a centralized cloud management system that allows you to easily monitor multiple access points, sites, and clients via an easy-to-use, browser-based dashboard.

  • Remote Access: Monitor your networks from anywhere at any time
  • Network Insight: View real-time statistics on network activity and health

Cloud Manager ( Cloud Manager Takes the Hassle out of Administration )
The Linksys LAPAC1750C Wireless Access Point is built with Cloud Manager to help greatly streamline network management. Perfect for managing multiple accounts and networks, this browser-based cloud management system allows you to remotely monitor and manage all networks and access points in real time. Cloud Manager also generates real-time statistics to help you analyze network activity and health. By leveraging the cloud, your business can reduce the cost of on-site management.

  • Zero-Touch Provisioning: Access points automatically connect and configure when activated, allowing for rapid deployment
  • Centralized Management: Manage multiple sites from a centralized platform
  • Global Map View: Worldwide view of accounts and their networks, sites, devices, and clients + alerts within the map

Centralized Management
Thanks to Linksys Cloud Manager, you can easily manage multiple wireless access points and multiple networks. This feature reduces costs and simplifies ongoing management of your wireless access points. By providing alerts and real-time statistics, Cloud Manager helps network administrators anticipate potential network issues without the need for on-site monitoring and troubleshooting. You can also use Cloud Manager to configure multiple access points simultaneously and centralize management of network security policies

Captive Portal
Control and customize guest WiFi access with captive portal. The portal routes users to an authentication page before they are allowed to access the Internet. This is perfect for offices, restaurants, hotels, and other WiFi hotspots. This feature helps protect both your guests and your business from unwanted access.

Advanced Security to Protect Your Network
To help keep your company's wireless network safe, the LAPAC1750C Wireless-AC Access Point features WiFi Protected Access (WPA) and WiFi Protected Access II (WPA2) security protocols.

Other security technologies built into the LAPAC1750C include Rogue AP Detection, which helps administrators identify authorized access points on the network; MAC address filtering to authorize or block particular devices based on their MAC addresses; and SSID to VLAN mapping for connectivity.

Key Features :

  • Wireless data transfer rates of up to 1.7 Gbps (Dual-Band, AC1750) *
  • PoE+ compatible and wall or ceiling mountable
  • Includes Linksys Cloud Manager for 5 years at no additional cost
  • Browser-based, remote management with one centralized, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning (configuration) for rapid deployment


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